Tips for Choosing Preloved Items – Currently, buying pre-loved goods is a popular shopping style. This method is a solution for those who want to have branded goods at low prices. Preloved is a term in English which means that an item that has previously been owned has changed hands to another person, in other words, a used item is being resold. Co-Founder & CEO of Tinkerlust Indonesia, Samira Shihab, said that it is hoped that buyers will slowly leave behind the negative stigma of pre-loved fashion items which may always be associated with items that are no longer suitable login CERIABET.

“Buying secondhand items not only contributes to sustainable fashion but also encourages economic turnover,” said Samira on business, Monday (12/4/21). Even though it is used, the quality is still very good and not fake. The price is much cheaper, making pre-loved items more and more sought after. Even so, Samira said you should still be careful when buying pre-loved items. You should be more careful to get goods of good quality. For this reason, here are the tips given by Samira Shihab which can help you shop for pre-loved goods:

Ensure authenticity

Make sure that the item is not a counterfeit. Ask several questions to get clear details of the item. Compare it with the specifications of the original item from the information that can be accessed on the internet. Or, ask friends who have experience buying original items for advice. Don’t buy fake goods at high prices.

Carefully check the condition of the goods

Every detail of used goods generally has several flaws. Although some sellers explain what these shortcomings are, sometimes they miss something. Therefore, you must be careful in checking the condition of the goods so that nothing is damaged. Look for holes, loose stitching, tears, or unusable stains.

Have Realistic Expectations

However, pre-loved items are items that have changed hands from previous users. So there are definitely things that are not perfect, such as when buying new items. So you have to be realistic if you find some shortcomings.

Know market prices

Genuine preloved items generally still have a high selling value. In order not to be cheated by naughty sellers, it is necessary to check the price of the item on the market when it is new. Don’t let pre-loved items get the same price as original items. Make sure the price paid is a good deal.

So, those are some tips that can be applied when buying pre-loved goods so that we won’t be disappointed with the results later.

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