Rules and Regulations

Bruckbay aims to be a safe and trustworthy online place for the residents of Orkney to sell or bid on unwanted items for cash payment and local pickup.


  1. Users are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times.
  2. No illegal or forbidden items are allowed, nor stolen property. Any attempts will be reported.
  3. Bruckbay is presently only open to residents of Orkney for items for cash payment and Orkney pickup. User addresses are verified and inappropriate use stopped.
  4. In the event of dispute the site Administrator will help to resolve the issue through a systematic and impartial rules-based system, similar to Ebay. All communication must be recorded for appraisal.
  5. The site only acts as a third-party ‘place’ to sell or bid and does not offer any warranty or guarantee as to the items for sale.
  6. Any practices such as shill bidding will result in account removal.
  7. In the event of disputes please contact the Administrator at